Why You Should Try Branzino?

Did you know, a healthy diet consists of eating fish at least twice a week? This may seem like a stretch at first, but when you stop to consider seafood’s mouthwatering variety of flavors and countless health benefits, it makes more than enough sense. No doubt, fish is among the healthiest foods on the planet. That being said, there is one iconic Mediterranean fish filled with some of the best benefits.  



Branzino, also known as the European bass, is an excellent staple for all traditional Italian cuisine. This fish is known for being a prized item of Europe since the days of ancient Rome. Branzino was one of the first types of fish to become commercially farmed and still is widely spread throughout the Western Mediterranean and North African regions.


Health Benefits

Branzino is filled with nutrients, such as protein and vitamin D. Fish is also a great source of Omega-3, which is important for your body and brain. 



This fish is known for its sweet flavor. The meat of the Branzino is very delicate; the fish falls apart in your mouth. Its small bones make for easy filleting or preparing the whole fish.  Branzino unique’s taste is a reason to eat the skin. Many people discard the skin of their fish or peel the skin back. 



The whole Branzino makes for an eloquent table presentation. Its mild flavor and simple preparation appeal to those who do not love fish. Branzino is exceptionally versatile; it, perfect for grilling, poaching, baking, and braising. Branzino is the type of fish that you can sear the skin until it’s nice and crisp, making it worthwhile to eat.


Try Branzino at Mare Oyster Bar!

At Mare Oyster bar, we like to serve boneless Branzino with wood-fired with roasted potatoes, spinach, carrots, and pinzimonio. Branzino can be found in our restaurant Mare on the from the sea menu. The flaky and tender fish has become a fixation for our guests. This fish is from thousands of miles away, but by the time they reach our kitchen, we still maintain their freshness and unique deliciousness. Let’s all gather around the whole roasted Branzino!