Why Everyone is Obsessed with Our Raw Bar

The raw-bar renaissance is well underway nationwide, even your pickiest eaters are bound to give the raw bar a try. For most people, when it comes to raw oysters they typically have a very firm stance on their ideas on this type of seafood. There is no denying that raw oysters have a signature flavor and a texture that is very unique. Still haven’t tried a raw bar? Mare Oyster bar is the perfect place to have your first raw bar experience. 


 There is a right way to eat oysters, but it shouldn’t be a reason for you to not try oysters. Trying raw oysters for the first time doesn’t have to be as scary as it may seem. At Mare, we serve our raw oyster on ice with cocktail sauce on the side and lemon for squeezing. We do recommend enjoying our raw bar with the classic flavors and leave the condiments alone. 


If it is your first time trying the raw bar, its best to slurp down your oysters, it is a great way to enjoy the oyster, especially if you aren’t ready to handle the texture. Oysters are finger food, no need for proper cutlery etiquette. Use the tiny fork to make sure you eat all of the meat.  If you can handle chewing the oysters, try it. Chewing the oysters will help you get the full flavor. Remember to enjoy the truly incomparable taste of fresh raw oysters.


While most people are used to the notions of oysters and raw bar to be interchangeable, the raw bar is so much more. At Mare, we also serve littleneck clams, jumbo shrimp, lobster, and an assortment of crabs. One of the rare finds is Alaskan King Crab, which we highly recommend to all seafood connoisseurs. For those guests who have trouble choosing just one, we suggest ordering a Mare Shellfish Tower, which includes the freshest seafood to make your senses tingling. Reserve your table today!