What’s The Best Way To Have Oysters?

In the world of seafood cuisine, there are a few cuisines that stand as headliners above the rest of the variety of dishes available. Lobster is a pretty common answer to the favorite seafood question along with caviar and other types of fish, but one of the most popular types of seafood isn’t a fish at all – it’s oysters! Oysters are some of the most beloved seafood delicacies out there, and there are plenty of ways that you can enjoy them. But, which way of serving oysters is the best way? We give you a guide to the most popular types below!

Raw Oysters

To get the best taste from your oysters, some people recommend not even cooking them at all! If you’ve heard of food made crudo-style before, you’ll know that serving foods raw – especially seafoods – isn’t that uncommon. Arguably the tastiest food that you can eat raw is none other than oysters! Sometimes, you won’t even need to chew the oyster; you can simply slurp it down like you’re drinking from its shell. You’ll get the same great taste without any chewiness!

Fried Oysters

Frying your seafood is also a pretty common practice that yields tasty results. With a little bit of batter and bread crumbs, a seafood dish becomes all the tastier! The same holds true for oysters, but the preparation process is slightly different. You simply shuck the oysters and then add the necessary ingredients for deep frying. It’s comparable to a standard calamari dish with a slightly different – but equally as delightful – taste! It takes a little more prep work, but it’s well worth the effort.

Steamed Oysters

So, you’re not totally sold on the idea of eating oysters raw. It’s completely understandable; many people tend to not want to have their food raw, and eating raw food in excess can actually be bad for you. Steamed oysters are a great way to ensure the oysters are cooked without completely altering the taste you’d get from raw ones. Keep an eye out for oysters with open shells, as these will be the safest ones to eat once you’re done cooking.

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