What Makes Littleneck Clams Stand Out?

If there’s one thing that we’ve tried to drive home throughout the course of our blogs, it’s that seafood is as vast and varied as the eye can see! With so many different seafood options to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate one seafood from another. However, there are a few seafoods out there that stand out in their own unique ways! If you’ve ever looked on our seafood menu, there are plenty of items that separate themselves from the pack with their own unique traits. Littleneck clams are one such example of this, but what makes them different from the other types of clams out there? We explain more below!

What Are Littleneck Clams?

Littleneck clams are a widespread species that can be found in several coastal areas around the world. They’re most likely found along the coasts of Alaska, California, and Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. In terms of appearance, the main identifying factor of a littleneck clam is their unique, round shell. It is covered in rings and ribs throughout the outer shell, but their color varies by what region they are found in. Pacific littleneck clams are also technically a different species than Atlantic littlenecks, but their culinary benefits remain the same.

The Pros of Littleneck Clams

Littleneck clams aren’t just popular for their abundance on their specific coastal areas! They also have a variety of culinary uses. Seafood connoisseurs take pride in the size of these clams, as they’re the “perfect” size for a wide variety of cooking styles. The meat inside is small and tender, which means that you can eat them raw or steam them to serve them cooked. There are plenty of other methodologies and uses for littleneck clams, but those are some of the more popular options out there!

Pacific vs. Atlantic Littleneck Clams

We previously mentioned that there are two different species of littleneck clams, and where you’ll find them entirely depends on what coast you’re looking on! There are a few things that set Pacific and Atlantic littleneck clams apart. Pacific littleneck clams take a little bit longer to cook than their Atlantic counterparts, but they can be prepared in largely all of the same ways. Atlantic littleneck clams have earned the nickname of “Quahog clams”, and they’re considered a delicacy within the seafood industry.

Littleneck Clams at Mare Oyster Bar

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