What Makes Lamb Worth Buying?

With so many different kinds of meats to try and make dishes out of on the market, it can be difficult to decide what to try first. All meats have different tastes, cooking preparations, dishes, and health benefits. However, when it comes to lamb it has a very distinct texture and taste that is simply amazing. Compared to other meats lamb can easily be recognized over other types such as pork, chicken, and beef. If you’re thinking of trying lamb then this article is perfect for you. We will be diving in on the taste, texture, benefits, and the best place to try lamb for the first time.

The Taste of Lamb

Lamb does not taste like other meats and instead is very tender and juicy with a hint of gaminess that tastes like no other meat. Depending on the cut of the lamb you are trying the flavor profile can vary drastically. If it’s a leaner cut you will have a more pronounced lamb taste with less fattiness in each bite. However, if you eat an area that has more fat such as a shoulder then you may have a different experience The fat from the shoulder will give the meat a richer taste.

The taste of lamb can also be dependent on numerous factors rather than just cooking and preparations. Some aspects of the lamb to take into consideration are the diet of the lamb, the lamb’s origin, and the age of the lamb. All of these different factors can drastically affect the overall taste of the lamb. This is why it is so important for restaurants to use the best options available on the market for their customers.

Health Benefits of Lamb

One of the great benefits of eating lamb is that it’s low in calories and high in protein. Making this meat a great option for those who want to increase muscle growth and recovery. Lamb also contains iron, vitamin B12, and zinc which are all useful for increasing your immune system. Lastly, lamb contains many healthy fats that can help your body absorb more nutrients over time if eaten in moderation.

Where You Can Try a Rack of Lamb

Lamb has many benefits that you can take advantage of when creating meals at home. It also has an amazing taste and texture that will blow you away. One of our most recommended restaurants is Mare Oyster Bar which has a delicious rack of lamb for you and your family to try. Reserve a table with Mare Oyster Bar today and experience the best rack of lamb!