What Makes Caviar Special?

Caviar is a very well-known food item that is typically associated with classy and upscale restaurants. Caviar is extremely delicious and we highly recommend all people to give it a try. In this article, we will be going in-depth about caviar and why it has gained the fame it has today.

What Is Caviar?

The eggs laid by species of female sturgeon are known as caviar. After harvesting, caviar is brined and rinsed. To allow the fish eggs to age, caviar is then put into tins or jars and stored at temperatures close to freezing. The price and demand of the caviar are dependent on numerous factors. The most important criteria when grading caviar are the flavor, size, and texture of the fish eggs. These factors are what have helped give its reputation for being one of the most sought-after delicacies.

How Does Caviar Taste?

Caviar resembles small pearls whilst having a salty and buttery taste. Depending on the quality of your caviar it may have a stronger or more subtle fishy taste. To get the best experience when eating caviar, try to avoid chewing and instead let the caviar melt in your mouth. There are many different types of caviar with each having its unique taste and texture. Factors that can affect the taste of caviar are the origin of the fish, the food that the fish eats, and the fish’s age. Eating caviar from an older sturgeon is typically preferred because older fish tend to produce better-tasting caviar.

Most Popular Caviar

After discussing that there are numerous types of caviar with their own flavor profiles we wanted to list some of the most popular and delicious ones:

  • Russian Ossetra
  • Kaluga Caviar
  • American Hackleback Caviar
  • Sterlet Caviar
  • Sevruga Caviar

These are some of the most high-demand caviars that restaurants and individuals are constantly looking to have. These specific caviars are known for their taste and will always leave you craving for more.

Why Is Caviar Special?

Caviar is very special because of its high demand and low supply. Many species of sturgeon are also endangered, meaning that most caviar comes from farm-raised fish. Its amazing taste, availability, and health benefits make caviar the luxury food that everyone dreams of. To try some of the best caviar around come check out Mare Oyster Bar’s caviar service menu. Book a table with us today and your tastebuds will thank you later!