What Makes A Good Lobster Roll?

The world of seafood cuisine is almost endless! As is the case with every other famous cuisine out there, seafood cuisine has a few staples that people hold in high regard. New England residents will know better than anyone that a lobster roll is one of the top seafood meals that you can have! Lobster itself is one of the most prized crustaceans in seafood, but the roll is undeniably a fan favorite. But what is it exactly that makes a lobster roll so tasty? We break down its best qualities below!

The Lobster Meat Itself

As we mentioned before, there aren’t many kinds of seafood out there that are held in higher regard than lobster. The reasoning for this should be obvious to anyone who has ever had one before: lobster has a sweet and delicate flavor that resonates with many seafood consumers! The best meat you can find in a lobster will come from its claws, a primary source of where lobster rolls get their meat. Claw meat brings out the best of these qualities to make lobster rolls great – and tender, too!

The Frankfurter Roll

There’s a reason why Massachusetts is seen as such a hotbed for lobster rolls, and a good part of this has to do with the bread used. New England lobster rolls use a special type of bread called a frankfurter roll, which has a unique split along the top of the bun. These allow the lobster meat and garnishes to slip seamlessly between the buns without much danger of everything spilling out. Frankfurter rolls are often grilled before serving to give the lobster roll a satisfying – but not overpowering – crunch!


The best lobster rolls that you’ll find don’t get too experimental with their recipe. All good lobster roll makers know that the star attraction of the dish is the lobster, so the goal is not to distract from that flavor! There are only two things that you can garnish a lobster roll with without compromising the flavor: a dash of lemon or a small amount of mayonnaise. These flavors are subtle enough that they can enhance a lobster roll’s flavor without being too overpowering.

Lobster Rolls at Mare Oyster Bar

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