What Is The Healthiest Way To Cook Fish?

In a world that’s becoming increasingly conscious about health and fitness, there are plenty of ways to increase your overall health. Dieting is an important step in this process, but have you ever considered the way that you’re cooking all of your meals? There are actually some ways of cooking food that are healthier than others, and the same is true when it comes to the way you cook your seafood. The healthiest cooking methods don’t result in the loss of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids that fish contain, so which cooking methods excel at this? We showcase the most noteworthy ones below!


The first healthy method of cooking fish is arguably the easiest of all the options out there. Baking your fish doesn’t require a ton of conscious effort, so it’s a relatively simple process once it’s in the oven! Baking helps the fish to retain the omega-3 fatty acids necessary for your body’s development, but it can also be worthwhile for maintaining the vitamin D content for specific fish. Vitamin D is helpful for fighting inflammation as well as retaining your body’s daily intake of phosphorus and calcium, which are crucial minerals in their own right.


Some of the healthiest methods for cooking fish involve keeping it at a stable temperature throughout the process. If your heat exchange can differ at the flip of a hat, you could risk losing out on the fish’s most valuable nutrients! Broiling your fish will allow you to cook it at a high heat without going too overboard with it. The end result will be a browned exterior, which should bring out the most of the fish’s flavor. Cooking time for this method is relatively short, which means that there won’t be much time for the essential nutrients to fade.


The above cooking methods that we’ve mentioned have all been relatively gentle, but poaching is by far the most moderate! It preserves the flavor and essential nutrients of each fish without going too over the top. Even though this is the most gentle cooking method for fish, it is more hands-on than other methods. You’ll need to make sure the liquid doesn’t boil throughout the duration of your cooking, so you’ll need to keep a close eye on your fish. The end result is a fish packed with the health benefits you crave!

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