What Is Lobster Sauce?

Do you know what all cuisines have in common – besides the obvious? In every cuisine, there’s always something that isn’t easily explained by looking at it and seeing the name. Italian cuisine is notorious for this sort of thing, but everything that applies to it is well worth the taste! Similar things can be said about seafood cuisine. A side option with a name like lobster sauce should be pretty easy to decipher, right? The closer you look at lobster sauce, the more curveballs it throws in your direction. We show you exactly what lobster sauce is below!

Lobster Sauce’s Origins

Many of the items that we feature on our menu at Mare Oyster Bar draw their origins from either the sea or Italian cuisine. While the dish that this is featured in does come from Italian origin, the sauce itself does not. Instead, it’s a staple of both American-Chinese and Canadian-Chinese cuisine. It’s classified as a mild sauce and used primarily in Chinese cooking. In those dishes, they work well as a mild sauce that doesn’t overpower the flavors of the other ingredients.

What Is In Lobster Sauce?

Despite the fact that lobster sauce sounds pretty self-explanatory as to what it’s made out of, it’s a little deceiving! Lobster sauce doesn’t actually contain lobster. The way its prepared actually differs from establishment to establishment, but there are a few ingredients that you can expect to find in all of them. The most common ingredients used for lobster sauce are chicken broth, eggs, garlic, ginger, green onions and fermented black beans. In New England, where you’ll find most lobster sauce, the color ends up being on the light brown side.

Uses Of Lobster Sauce

Lobster sauce is used primarily in Chinese cuisine, but it has both seafood and Italian applications as well. Most times when you find lobster sauce in your meal, you can expect to find some sort of seafood to accompany it. The main morsel of choice here is shrimp, since it is a type of seafood used extensively in Chinese cuisine. It can also be used in tandem with foods like lobster, crabs and clams as well. Since the sauce is mild, it won’t overpower the richness of your seafood.

Lobster Sauce at Mare Oyster Bar

Mare Oyster Bar is filled with seasoned experts of all things seafood, and we’ll use our culinary creativity to connect you with the best seafood options in the Boston area! We also have a variety of seafood-based Italian cuisines for those looking to add more carbohydrates to their meal. Regardless of what kind of seafood you want, there’s only one place where you can find the best quality – make a reservation with us today!