What Is Bufala?

If you’re looking for a country whose cuisine is as rich as their culture, look no further than the boot-shaped country in Europe! There’s a reason why Italian cuisine is one of the most celebrated across the world. It’s the proud home of tons of different country exclusive dishes, delicacies, ways of preparing food and even sources of meat! If you’ve looked on our menu before, you’ll likely have noticed the bufala mozzarella salad as an option. But, what do we mean by bufala? We break it down for you below!

The Meaning of the Word

The word bufala is actually not the full name of what it’s supposed to be referencing. What bufala references should be obvious if you give it a minute of thought; it translates to “buffalo” in English! The official name for the dish is “mozzarella di bufala”, which translates to buffalo mozzarella in English. This type of mozzarella is derived specifically from the Italian Mediterranean buffalo, which is found primarily in Campania but can be located throughout the entire country.

Where is Bufala Mozzarella Used?

It wouldn’t be a staple of Italian cuisine if it wasn’t used for a variety of complex dishes! One of these uses is one that you can find on our menu in a salad. If you’re familiar with caprese, you’ll know that bufala mozzarella can be a primary ingredient. It can also be used as a part of a calzone or vegetable soup. Other uses of buffalo mozzarella include as a cheese on pizza, a topping for burrata, and as an appetizer by itself. Bufala is prized for its rich taste and creamy texture.

Health Benefits

While bufala mozzarella by itself doesn’t pack a ton of calorie content, there are still some health benefits to be explored! Buffaloes have a different digestive system than your traditional cow, meaning that you can find more protein, fat and mineral content than you would in regular mozzarella. In addition to a high protein content, bufala contains a good amount of calcium and phosphorus. You may know what protein and calcium can do for a body, but phosphorus aids in muscle recovery and managing energy usage.

Bufala at Mare Oyster Bar

Italian cuisine and seafood are the names of the game at Mare Oyster Bar, and we can provide you with the best of both worlds! Our seafood is among the freshest in the area and our Italian cuisines will transport you to the heart of a trattoria in Italy. To experience the best blend of cuisines in the North End, make a reservation with us today!