What Exactly Is Caviar?

Caviar is mentioned in movies, songs, and pop culture all the time. But if you don’t own a seafood restaurant or love the type of food, you may not know how to answer what it is. At Mare Oyster Bar, we serve Caviar all the time, and as the premier seafood restaurant in the North End, it’s our job to make sure you understand what you’re eating, so you can enjoy it more, and say some fun facts about it on the way.

Caviar At Its Core

Caviar is old. Like super old. Older than pretty much any delicacies that you can think of. The kings of Greece and Rome craved it. Its place of origin is the Caspian and Black seas. Caviar is the roe or eggs of a family of fish called sturgeon. Caviar used to be priced at extraordinary amounts, but with aquaculture developing and human technology advancing, now everyone can enjoy Caviar! Sounds interesting? We’ll tell you how it’s eaten next. 

Eating Caviar

Caviar is usually served over a bed of ice cubes and scooped with a caviar spoon. It’s served with specific types of crackers or toast, and you can spread it onto the surface. The experience of actually eating the Caviar is engaging. The texture is smooth, like balls that burst in your mouth, which leave a buttery, salty taste that tons of people love! Caviar has a cult following – similar to wine, whiskey, and steak. People will travel from different parts of the country to experience some of the best golden Caviar! 

Why Eat Caviar?

Caviar isn’t just sought upon because it’s tasty and a gem of a dish, It’s great for you! Caviar contains vitamins and minerals, including omega-3 fatty acids, which are excellent for your immune system. It also is said to help with depression and anxiety. It’ll lower your heart disease risk and promote healthy bones and teeth due to its high calcium, selenium, and iron levels.

Caviar At Mare Oyster Bar

So there you have it, and so do we! Caviar service is available at Mare Oyster Bar. If you’re looking for the best Caviar in Boston, bring your family and friends to our spot in the North End, and we will treat you to excellent Caviar, drinks, and dishes that will have you back time and time again. Until next time, stay healthy and safe. 

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