What Does Crudo Mean?

If you’re new to the world of Italian cuisine, reading a menu can be confusing to say the least. American-Italian cuisine strays away from traditional Italian cooking methods and the words used to describe them, so visiting an authentic Italian location will be very different. One of the words you’re sure to see that isn’t commonly used in American-Italian cuisine is crudo. Without understanding what this word means, you’ll likely be surprised when your plate arrives, so let’s take a moment to discuss! 

What Does it Mean?

The literal translation for the word crudo is just “raw”. Crudo isn’t a specific food, but the way the food is prepared. For instance, pesce crudo means raw fish and prosciutto crudo means cured ham. Pesce crudo is the most common type of crudo on Italian menus. Sashimi is a type of pesce crudo that serves the raw fish with common additions such as wasabi and soy sauce, while pesce crudo often combines the raw fish with other raw ingredients to create a more complete meal. 

Crudo VS A Crudo 

The most common area of confusion around the term crudo is the difference between crudo and a crudo. The term a crudo refers to a specific type of cooking used in Italian dishes. If a dish is cooked a crudo, it means all of the raw ingredients were put into a pan and cooked together at the same time. Traditionally, there are certain ingredients that would be precooked or sauteed before being added to other ingredients, but not if it was prepared a crudo. Crudo and a crudo preparation is used in other cultures cooking as well, although the term crudo is only used in Italian cuisine and restaurants. 

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