Tis The Season of Social Distancing Cocktails

Massachusetts bars and restaurants are in the midst of closures for on-premise service—which means that the social bar scene is out of commission. How tired are you at this point of making gin and tonics to satisfy cocktail cravings over a virtual happy hour? From our bartenders to you we are here to share some simple at-home infusions that will add a few new tricks to your home-bartending game.

Mare Negroni

This Negroni recipe is a classic Italian cocktail worth adding to your at-home cocktails.  The Negroni is “a storied drink layered completely with Hendrick’s, Campari, Antica Carpana, prosecco, orange bitters ingredients. The Negroni ingredients are simple and can be found in your favorite liquor store. Adding the orange bitters takes the spice game up to the next level.



There’s nothing more refreshing than a homemade mojito cocktail with fresh mint. Bacardi limon, mint, agave, a splash of soda water, and a pretty basil leaf are the finishing touches to this refreshing summer drink.

Maker’s Manhattan

The perfect Manhattan does exist, it unbuttons the dark, boozy collar of a regular Manhattan just the right amount. Is it a perfect drink for any afternoon.


Nutella Martini

Delicious chocolate-hazelnut spread deserves to be eaten with anything and now top it onto your martini.  Don’t even try to resist a drink as good as a martini with Absolut vanilla, Meletti chocolate, and Frangelico.


Cosmo di Mare

The cosmo is an underrated drink. We will avoid all Sex and the City references here, but the fact remains: This cocktail is classic for a reason.  The cosmopolitan cocktail can be quite a refreshing drink. Don’t pass on the drink because you see pink and don’t just assume that it must be overly sweet, but that’s not the case. All you need is Ketel One Citroen, St. Elder, fresh lemon, and cranberry juice.

Tito’s Doli

If anything could change your opinion on cocktails, it would be this drink. This drink is basically infused Tito’s and pineapple nectar. The resulting cocktail is sweet, full of flavor, and goes down easy.


The basic concept of sangria—wine, liquor, and a little fruit—is a great one, especially when it comes to social distancing. Add in Hennessey VS, Ciroc peach, Cointreau, Apple Pucker, or red or white wine and you are all good to go.


We are coping through these uncertain times in our own ways.  Making yourself a yummy cocktail is almost as good as drinking of our Mare cocktails. All of our daily cocktails  have been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re all trying to make the most of it in our own ways—We miss you at our bars!