Tips On Baking The Perfect Tiramisu

Making the best tasting desserts is a more complicated process than you might think! For many desserts, there are a lot of handy tricks that you can use to make sure your dish comes out perfectly. When it comes to the famous Italian dessert Tiramisu, this statement is no different! Tiramisu is a coffee-based cake dessert that has seen massive popularity over the years. We’ve taught you how to bake crab cakes, and now it’s time to step up with tips for baking tiramisu!

Use Fresh Espresso Instead of Powder

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have espresso readily available in your home. There are two options for you to get it otherwise; picking up espresso powder from your local grocery store or getting shots of espresso at your local coffee shop. Espresso powder limits the desired flavor for the final product, so fresh espresso would be your best bet. Make sure not to add anything to your espresso before mixing it with the other ingredients!

Don’t Soak Your Sponge Cookies

Nobody wants a dessert that’s soggy! Dipping your cookies into coffee is an important part of what makes tiramisu great, but you shouldn’t overdo it. Your cookies should take a quick dunk and then be pulled right back out. This will ensure that your cookie gets a full coating of coffee while preventing the sogginess that would come from keeping it under too long. This can also save you some major hassle when you’re doing the final assembly.

Pre-Prepare Your Pan Before You Cook

Before you get excited and shove a tiramisu in the oven, there’s an important step to take beforehand. Find a baking sheet and use it to cover the pan that you’ll be baking your tiramisu on. Once you’re finished with your tiramisu, you’ll need to flip it over after taking it out of the oven! In order to prevent the dessert from being lopsided, a baking sheet will help immensely. You’ll be able to have greater control over where you want the tiramisu to go.

Tiramisu at Mare Oyster Bar

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