The Most Popular Types of Martinis

Is there a cocktail out there that is more prolific than the martini? We’re willing to bet that there isn’t! Martinis have become both a staple in pop culture and bars across the world. Making iconic appearances in both the James Bond franchise and Sex & The City, martinis have earned their status as one of the world’s best. With so many variations on the traditional recipe, it begs the question of which martinis are the most worthwhile to try for yourself. Looking at the biggest martini trends can help to uncover this answer – we’ll dive into the most popular martini types below!

The Classic Recipe

All of those martini variations had to come from somewhere! The classic martini recipe calls for a mix of vermouth and gin, commonly garnished with either a toothpick speared with olives or a simple lemon twist. Classic martinis boast a strong yet inviting aroma, and the garnish you pick can make a significant difference in how it tastes. Those who enjoy bitter drinks will benefit from the lemon twist, while those who like dryer drinks will love a nice olive or two.

Espresso Martinis

Remember when we said martinis made a prolific appearance in Sex in the City? This is the cocktail that we were talking about! This drink was thought to have been invented in passing thanks to a request from a bar patron who wanted to have a drink that would both wake them up and get them drunk. Coffee and coffee liqueur are the two centerpieces of espresso martinis, and the garnish is switched out for simply a few coffee beans. It accomplishes exactly what that bar patron wanted!

Breakfast Martini

If you’re looking for a counterpart to rival a mimosa, the breakfast martini will be right up your alley! Combining marmalade, white wine, and a little bit of lemon zest, this cocktail is garnished with an orange slice. It goes great with your typical breakfast food and has a taste that is comparable to mimosas but with a stronger kick!

Lemon Drop Martini

Those who are looking for a flavor that is most comparable to limoncello will find exactly what they’re looking for in the lemon drop martini! The recipe for this is very similar to the classic one, except that vermouth is switched out for some lemon juice and sugar around the rim. What better way to garnish a drink like this than with a lemon slice? Lemon drop martinis are perfect for those who like fruity cocktails.

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