The Health Benefits of Salmon

The new year usually encompasses resolutions. The question is not if you have one, but if you are willing to go through it. Some will go to the gym, eat better, try to stress less, but ultimately fall flat after a month or two. If your resolution is trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you should consider incorporating salmon into your diet. Salmon is one of the tastiest fish known, can be cooked in various ways, and your body will be thanking you for it in a multitude of ways. Let’s go over a few health benefits of our favorite fish friend.

Glowing Skin

Surprised that this one is on the list? Salmon is spectacular for your skin. It is packed with omega-three fatty acids. These help your skin by reducing inflammation, which is an enemy to your skin’s proteins that keep it looking youthful. It also reduces the rash when it comes to breakouts of acne. Salmon also possesses the right kind of fat that your body needs to produce the skin oils that make your face pop out and glow. Perhaps there’s no better time for pictures than after eating salmon. 

Heart Health

Does heart disease run in your family? If you’re looking to be proactive about your heart, then salmon is a route worth taking. The fatty acids in salmon reduce your unhealthy cholesterol and your blood pressure levels. Salmon literally can help heal your heart unless you’re going through a breakup, in that case, maybe ice cream. 

Your Weight 

If you are watching your weight, salmon is packed with nutrients and fatty acids that give you energy and encourage you to lose body fat. It helps regulate the hormones that cause you to get hungry, making it easier to stay on track, incredibly late at night when people tend to snack. Salmon contains a protein that will help if you pair with the gym to increase muscle mass and decrease fat. Think of salmon as a way to supplement your workout routine. 

Try a Salmon Dish at Mare Oyster Bar 

Most importantly, salmon tastes excellent. Buttery salmon with white rice and lemon juice is a post-gym dinner for you to hit your goals for 2021. Mare Oyster Bar offers a delicious pan-seared salmon with a white bean puree, roasted fennel and shallots, and bagna cauda. Reserve a table for you and your family or friends with us to celebrate the New Year.