The Branzino Experience

Salmon, shrimp, tuna, the list goes on for fish that you hear about every time you go to a seafood spot near you. What if another fish had similar tastes to your favorite fish and also packed health benefits that generally go under the radar? Well, Branzino is that fish. Branzino is a delicious fish we offer at Mare Oyster Bar that’s packed with juicy, tender flavor and is a great switch up from your favorite seafood dish. 

What is Branzino?

Branzino or Branzini (plural) is a bass that lives off of Europe’s west coast. It’s cooked with the bone in so the fish’s flesh stays extra succulent after it’s done cooking. The bone also gives it a different flavor that’s hard to find in many kinds of seafood. Since 2008, Branzino has shown up on an additional 30% of seafood restaurants menus, and for a good reason, it’s tasty and packed with nutrition. The taste is described as mild and sweet, which many Mare customers prefer when eating seafood.

Branzino’s Impact

Branzino became more popular in the states when people wanted to experience more Mediterranean food. Branzino is one of the most popular fish on the Mediterranean coast and has a beautiful, white meat visual that makes the fish appealing. It’s becoming more and more popular as time goes on, and the United States incorporates more Italian dishes into their menus.

Branzino Health Benefits

A 1 pound bass is only 300 calories, which is excellent if you try to cut down on weight gain. Branzino is also packed with fish oil, which helps with brain development and improves the heart’s function. It also is packed with antioxidants, which stop cellular damage from radicals. It has many of the same benefits that salmon has, one of the most popular seafood dishes known.

Branzino At Mare Oyster Bar

If this blog has done anything, it has hopefully opened you up to trying the beautiful Meditteranean fish that is Branzino. Luckily, Mare Oyster Bar in the North End of Boston offers you grilled, tender Branzino with baby carrots, spinach, roasted potatoes, and pinzimonio. Next time you’re in the North End and want seafood, come to Mare Oyster Bar, have a wonderful experience, and don’t forget the Branzino! Reserve your table here, and we can’t wait to see you.