The Best Way To Reheat Seafood

Attention seafood lovers, this blog is for you. Many restaurants give incredible portions of your fish food and you are unable to finish it. It doesn’t help that many people are against leftover fish. Let’s face it, many people would agree that seafood wasn’t meant to be put in the microwave. Of course, seafood is best when fresh. That doesn’t mean there aren’t methods to make your seafood taste just as good as when it came out on the plate.

How to Reheat Fish

The secret to reheating fish is, to not reheat it at all. When you want to reheat your fish, try to get it to room temperature. Turn your oven on to 400 degrees and place your leftover fish on your stove. Let the fish absorb the heat through the oven. Once the fish comes to your desired temperature, you’re done.

Room temperature should be your goal for your fish. This should be the same method for reheating fried, grill, or baked fish.

Different Ways to Use Leftover Fish

For shrimp leftovers, you can get versatile with new dishes to create! Try switching up the original dish. Grilled shrimp goes great with noodles, pad thai, pasta, fried rice, tacos, and risottos. If you don’t want to reheat your shrimp, add your cold cooked shrimp into salads or even try cocktail style!

For dishes that have mussels or clams, create linguine recipes, and include additional ingredients. Clams also work well for chowder and with crab or lobster, bisque. You want to avoid dried-out fish. Incorporate your leftover fish into fresh recipes. Bring together flavors to complement your dishes, add stocks, sauces, or creams to add to your leftover fish.

Leftovers can be great too! Especially after a quality home-cooked meal, or after a night out at Mare. Leftovers can be tasty and an ideal way to avoid having to make another meal or ordering out. Use our tips to make your leftover fish as mouth-watering as when it came on your plate. Also, next time you’re in the North End, stop at The Mare and our food will be so yummy that you won’t need to worry about leftovers.