The Benefits of Eating Mussels

Healthy eating is fast becoming a popular habit among people across the globe. It’s no surprise given that we all want to live long and healthy lives. One way to do so without making excessive lifestyle changes is to add nutrient-rich items to your diet, and mussels are a great way of doing so. In case you are wondering, a mussel is a shell creature that lives in both freshwater and saltwater. It typically contains pearls, as well as a soft fleshy tissue. In this article, we will explain how eating mussels can improve your diet and overall body health.

5 Benefits of Eating Mussels


Good Source of Protein

If you are looking to add protein to your diet without increasing or adding red meat, mussels are the way to go. Protein provides a wide range of benefits to your body including weight management, muscle growth, and an overall boost to the immune system.

Healthy Replacement for Red Meat

Mussels contain low fat and a much lower level of calories when compared to red meat. Thus, replacing your occasional steak with mussels can reduce your cholesterol intake giving your body a healthy dose of minerals for improved teeth and bone health.

Boosts Healthy Skin

Mussels are rich in protein, thus they boost the body’s ability to generate and maintain healthy cells. This includes your skin cells. So, eating mussels can improve your body’s ability to maintain healthy skin cells which translates to healthy-looking skin.

Aids Blood Circulation and Improves Heart Health

Mussels provide nutrients that strengthen your artery walls and heart muscles. Strong artery walls equal good blood circulation. This means that your heart does not struggle to pump and circulate blood to your body.

Further, the presence of omega-3 fatty acids in mussels can help to reduce the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases leading to better heart function. So, eating mussels helps to keep your heart healthy and strong.

Eco-friendly Meal Option

Mussel farming is not only easy, it is good for the environment. These creatures can filter large volumes of water in the places they live. So, having more mussels in the ocean means that there are more hands to clean up the ocean.

In addition, the carbon footprint of mussel farming is little to nothing as mussels clean up the atmosphere. Consuming mussels encourages mussel farming which in turn ensures that more mussels are reproduced to clean up the atmosphere. So, eating mussels is good for the planet!

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