Oysters vs Clams (A Debate as Old as Time)

Are you someone who sits at our raw bar and can’t decide if you want oysters or clams? Or do you not have a good explanation of the differences between these two items on a menu? Well, they’re best when mixed, but if you can’t choose both, we are here to walk you through some differences between two of the most popular seafood appetizers around. 


Clams are usually steamed but are frequently eaten raw. Clams are commonly found in freshwater and are a bit healthier than oysters. They are low in calories and fat. Contain high levels of iron, selenium, manganese. Clams help the body with making collagen and hemoglobin. As far as taste goes, clams have more of a salty and savory flavor. And as far as texture goes, clams are certainly chewier than their counterparts. 

One final difference is clams are usually a part of a larger dish such as clam chowder. If you are looking for something that is very tasty and gaining popularity, you should look into deep fried clams mixed with a marinara sauce. Clams are a great option if you are looking for tasty, salty seafood in a soup or standing alone. 


Oysters are usually coupled with drinks such as a red or white wine or a cold glass of beer, and are found in saltwater. Oysters typically have a buttery, smoother taste than clams and are paired with a mignonette sauce. Oysters are rich in zinc and phosphorus but are low and calories and fat as well. If you’ve heard of the saying “only eat oysters in months that end in R.,” we are here to tell you that this is a myth. Oysters are perfectly safe to eat in the other months, and we believe that the more knowledge we can give to the consumer, the more value we are bringing you as a restaurant. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your oysters, try a not so typical bread and butter mix or horseradish.

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