Not a seafood fan? Here are other ways you can eat oysters!

Unlike fish, oysters are something of an acquired taste. When you are eating oysters, you can taste the ocean where it came from, arguably that is part of the reason why people eat them, but hey, you are not alone. A lot of people cannot digest the taste of oysters. It is salty, a bit musky, and they are just hard to eat. But even if you are not a big seafood fan, you can still get in on the hype train with oysters with a handful of different recipes.

One of the ways you can eat oysters is have them grilled. By grilling them, you get more flavors that add and enhance the taste even though there is still the little possibility of you getting that ocean taste. You can mix in different herbs and mixtures while they are being grilled.

Another way you can eat oysters without being tormented is by steaming them. Steaming the oysters would get you those plumped up and fluffy oysters without sacrificing the moisture of the oysters. Serving them along white wine, scallions, or some aromatic broth can enhance your experience. If you still want to lessen the oceany taste, you can put in a hint of butter or spices while they are being steamed.

A popular way to cook oysters is by baking them. Most common item on the menu when it comes to baked oysters is the Oysters Rockefeller. It’s a mixture of spinach, watercress, green onions, butter, breadcrumbs, hot sauce, and salt and pepper. How it is cooked and the ingredients that go with it results into bubbly, golden, and flavorful oysters. Adding Parmesan cheese or other fillings is always a welcomed idea!

Although the last one is not as popular as the other ones, frying oysters is also a good way to get rid of the oceany taste. It may be the unhealthiest way to cook a meal, but it will help you eat oysters if you are not a big fan of them.  Granted that oysters will always have that oceany taste, so to give you some help, add some remoulade sauce on the side for added flavor.

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