Mare Oyster Bar’s Sunshine

Mare Oyster Bar is known for its world-class seafood dining, but did you also know that behind their high-end bar are some of Boston’s best bartenders! And one of their favorite cocktails to mix (and enjoy themselves!) is the Sunshine.

With Malfy Gin, Combier peach, agave, fresh lemon juice, and a splash of soda, this cocktail is truly sunshine in a glass.

Malfy Gin is from Italy and is distilled with lemons in a stainless steel vacuum in order to retain the fresh aroma of Italian juniper and citrus. The peaches in the Combier’s are all from the Loire Valley and create a liquor that is subtly rich.

With fresh lemon juice for acidity and a splash of soda for fizz, we are sure that this Sunshine cocktail will help remind you of summer as the days get shorter and we fall into autumn. If you are ever in Boston’s historic North End, our Sunshine is a cocktail to be experienced.