It’s Still Seafood Season – Dig Into Our Raw Bar

While June, July and August are prime times for seafood, don’t feel you have to limit yourself just because summer is nearly over. After all, we are living New England where we have the luxury of enjoying fresh seafood year round. At Mare Oyster Bar, our raw bar is among one of the few in Boston so we are extremely proud to provide everything from shrimp to Alaskan King Crab to shellfish, throughout the year.

At our raw bar, you’ll experience all types of seafood including Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Chilled ½ Lobster, Mare Shellfish Tower and Lobster Cocktail. The Shellfish Tower is a massive dish, perfect for sharing as it includes 18 oysters, 6 clams, 6 shrimp cocktail, ½ chilled lobster and Alaskan King Crab.

If you’re looking for a warmer option, we offer a thick, rich New England Lobster Bisque which includes cinnamon and tarragon croutons. As Boston’s best raw bar, it’s our goal to uphold our reputation by providing only the freshest seafood to Bostonians (and those visiting). Our Grilled Swordfish is stewed with beans, tomato and braised kale while our Zuppa di Mare features a ½ lobster, scallop, mussels, cockles and clams in a light tomato broth.

Health Benefits of Eating at the Raw Bar

When consuming food from the raw bar you’re in for a wonderful surprise. Not only will you be consuming the best seafood in Boston but there are a slew of health benefits. There’s so much zinc in oysters, 650% of the recommended amount in fact which is plenty to replenish your body. The main takeaway is a major boost in your immune system as well as your energy levels due to the vitamin B-12. Due to the iron, copper, zinc and selenium in oysters, you can expect to see improvements in your bones as well.

Ready to dig into our raw bar or other seafood dishes? Stop in and enjoy a fresh plate of seafood any day from 4-11pm. We are conveniently located 223 Hanover Street in Boston’s Historic North End.