How to Find The Freshest Lobster

It’s no secret that seafood tastes better the fresher it is. When it comes to it, how fresh your seafood is can make or break how your meal is. With lobster, this sentiment is no different! You can’t just go anywhere and expect to find fresh lobster for your enjoyment. You have to know where to look and what you need to look for. In order to find the freshest lobster for your enjoyment, follow these helpful tips!

Stay Close to the Coast

In order to find lobster that has maximum freshness, you’ll need to stick to the places where that is most likely to be the case. The general rule of thumb is that the further away lobster is sold from the coast, the less fresh it will be. You can avoid this problem by buying lobster that is close to where it was caught. Seafood places near harbors and oceans are where lobsters will be at their freshest, since the transport time is low. You should stick to these areas if you want to find the best tasting lobster!

Choose Females Over Males

Believe it or not, there’s a pretty big difference in taste between the two genders of lobster. Female lobsters have been found to have a lot more flavor in them than their male counterparts.  If you’re worried about being able to tell the difference between them, there’s actually a pretty easy way to do so! Flip the lobster over. Below the legs, if their appendages are feathery and thin, you have a female lobster! Freshness and flavor go hand in hand, so make sure to consider this when selecting fresh lobster.

Check for Signs of Life

Okay, so the lobster that you buy to cook should definitely be alive when you buy it. However, there’s a little more that you have to look for! When you buy a lobster, make sure that all of its appendages are moving when you go to pick it up. The more lively your lobster is when you buy it, the better. The rule of thumb is the more that your lobster is moving, the fresher it will be and the more tender the meat will get.

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