How To Determine The Freshness of Lobster

Lobster is one of the most delicious seafood treats, but only when it’s fresh. Eating lobster that isn’t fresh can be very unpleasant or even make you sick. But how can you tell if the lobster you’re eating is fresh? These tips will help you pick out the freshest and most delicious lobsters so that you can be sure you’re always getting the catch of the day.

Is it Lethargic?

One of the best ways to tell if a lobster is fresh is by looking at how it’s moving or if it’s moving. Lobsters that have been sitting in a tank for a long time are not going to be moving around very much. They won’t be lively or animated. They will be just sitting on the bottom of the tank. When a lobster has drooping claws, and it doesn’t move around, it’s probably been in the tank for some time. 

On the other hand, if a lobster is moving around quite a bit and seems very animated, it’s probably fresh. To see if a lobster is really fresh, reach in and grab it behind the claws and around the neck. Pick it up, and you’ll be able to tell how fresh it is by how lively it is. 

Look at the Shell and Antennas

You can also gauge the freshness of a lobster by inspecting the shell and antennas. Lobsters that have been in a tank for a long time may have moss or seaweed growing on the shell. If you see any signs of algae, moss, or anything growing on a lobster’s shell, it’s definitely not fresh. When a lobster has been sitting in a tank, it may also have damaged, bent, or missing antennas because of damage or injury from other lobsters. Fresh lobsters will have clean shells and upright, intact antennas. 

Find a Reputable Seller

Knowing the quality of the seller will also help you figure out if the lobster is fresh. Popular restaurants and vendors that have a high turnover for seafood will have fresh lobster because the lobster won’t have the chance to sit in the tank for long. A seller that regularly sells out their lobsters within a day will be restocking fresh lobsters daily, usually from a local source. You can ask where the lobsters come from and how often the tank is restocked to figure out how fresh the lobsters are. 

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