History of the Espresso Martini

There’s no wrong answer to this question: what’s your favorite type of cocktail? Your answer will probably lie in some of the most popular cocktails around, such as the daiquiri or mimosa. If you’re one of those people that needs a little boost of energy to go along with their drink, perhaps your favorite lies in the espresso martini. It’s one of the most popular cocktails in the world for a good reason! We take you for a ride down memory lane with the history of this popular beverage below!


Unlike some popular drinks and cuisines out there, the espresso martini has origins that you can concretely trace back to one source! While many pretenders claim that they invented the drink themselves, the real honor can be traced back to a British bartending legend in Dick Bradsell. He invented the drink at a club in the 1980s when a patron came up to him asking for a drink that would both wake him up and get him drunk. Bradsell put together the first version of the drink shortly afterwards and the rest was history.


One of the things that sets the espresso martini apart from other cocktails is the detail that goes into the drink’s presentation. Other drinks will be garnished with a wedge of fruit or a cocktail umbrella, but the espresso martini takes a simpler approach. The drink itself is garnished with three singular coffee beans. This is the traditional appearance of the drink. The three coffee beans are meant to represent health, wealth and happiness. It’s a tradition passed down from some of Italy’s more famous drinks.

Surges in Popularity

The espresso martini has made far more of a name for itself as of late! Its sudden surge in popularity came as recently as last year. Around the world, people celebrate this as their drink of choice – that is, except for the bartenders that make it. The surge in popularity has caused widespread criticism from bartenders because of the effort it takes to make each drink. It does take more than mixing a few spirits together to make the drink, after all! Despite this, the espresso martini is still a popular beverage to order.

Espresso Martinis at Mare Oyster Bar

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