History of Mojitos

Over time, there have been many cocktails that have risen their way to fame. From the jack and coke to a gin and tonic, there’s a lot of variety in these notorious cocktails. But, if you ask the average person, one cocktail in particular comes to mind: mojitos! Mojitos are perhaps some of the most famous cocktails in the world. They’ve turned into a household name in recent years, and for good reason; it’s become a lot of people’s drink of choice! But, how much do you really know about the beverage? Read on to learn more about the history of mojitos!


For such a popular beverage, the mojito’s true origins have been a subject of much debate! There actually isn’t a concrete date for where the drink originated, but there’s one thing that is for certain; it’s origin location. The mojito was first created in Havana, Cuba, but that’s as far as we can confirm for certain. Some theorize that it was invented as a way of combating scurvy and dysentery, while others think that it was either invented by slaves or Sir Francis Drake. It’s worth noting that the origin year was sometime around the 1500s, but no official date has been noted.

Story of the Name

The origins of mojitos aren’t the only thing about them that’s hotly debated! There are several different theories behind how the popular beverage got its name, too. There are two that are the most talked about amongst them. The first comes from Spanish culture, derived from the language’s word for “a little wet”, which is mojadito. It theorizes that the name is just a shortened version of that. The other popular theory is that it derives from a Cuban lime-based seasoning called mojo. What’s the true origin of it’s name? It may be between these theories!


There’s two prevailing reasons for how popular mojitos are in the United States, and neither of them are what you’d expect! The reasons are actually because of James Bond and Prohibition! Mojitos were a popular drink of choice when alcohol was made illegal, so it only makes sense that they’re still popular. Also, in the 2002 film Die Another Day, Bond can be seen sipping on one, which caused another surge in popularity.

Mojitos at Mare Oyster Bar

At Mare Oyster Bar, we aren’t just the North End’s best destination for seafood; we’re also the home of several specialty cocktails and an extensive list of wines! One of our most popular drinks is the Mojito, and we’ll be happy to supply it to you during your dining experience. Contact us today to learn more and secure a reservation!