Health Benefits of Swordfish

If you were to think of a common theme that unites the cuisine of seafood as a whole, what comes to your mind? You’d likely say the obvious answer of it all being from the ocean, but there’s a better answer to this question that isn’t obvious to the naked eye; seafood carries a ton of health benefits! If you read about our fun facts for swordfish last year, you’ll know that swordfish follows this exact same model. If you’re looking to learn about the health benefits you can get from eating swordfish, we break them down for you below!

It Improves Your Bone Health

Keeping your bones strong and healthy is essential for ensuring that you have no long-term health issues. If there’s one vitamin that’s the spokesperson for maintaining bone health, it would be vitamin D. This is a vitamin that swordfish contains a lot of, which means that it can help offer those benefits. The fish’s selenium content also helps with bone metabolism, creating an effective one-two punch that gives your bones the best of both worlds. Healthy servings of vitamin D have also been linked to a decrease in your risk of bone fractures.

It Lowers Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Did you know that swordfish can help you reduce your risk of heart disease? Vitamin B12 is a common vitamin found in seafoods, and swordfish is another lucky recipient of it. The main function of vitamin B12 is to aid in red blood cell production, which helps ensure that your body and organs receive a steady supply of it. This can help with things like lowering your blood pressure, giving your body more energy, and the big ticket item of lowering your risk of heart disease!

It Strengthens Your Immune System

One big nutrient that a lot of the best seafoods share together is selenium. It’s a lesser known nutrient that helps with a variety of different bodily functions, but it’s most crucial role comes in the form of your immune system’s health. Selenium has been shown to help strengthen your immune system, making you less susceptible to catching diseases. Especially if you find yourself as someone who gets sick often, selenium is a valuable nutrient to have.

Swordfish at Mare Oyster Bar

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