Health Benefits of Branzino

When you think of your favorite seafood delicacies, what comes to mind? You’ll probably mention lobster, shrimp, or salmon as some of your favorites. After all, they are pretty popular! However, if you look hard enough, you’ll find plenty of delicious seafood that most people aren’t familiar with. Take branzino for example; while it is lesser known, it has become a staple of Italian cooking over the years. But, what exactly makes branzino so popular? It carries a ton of hidden health benefits; we go over them in detail here!

Great Source of Vitamin D

Branzino is rich in vitamins and minerals, but the one that is most plentiful is easily vitamin D! In fact, a single serving of branzino makes up a little under half of the recommended daily intake. Vitamin D is useful for many bodily functions, the most noteworthy of them being speeding up your metabolism, decreasing your risk for certain types of cancer, and boosting your immune system. If you’ve noticed that your diet is lacking in vitamin D, a serving of branzino can help set that straight!

Omega 3-Fatty Acids

Many seafoods share the benefit of having omega 3-fatty acids, and branzino is no exception. But, what do omega 3-fatty acids actually do? They’re actually some of the building blocks for every cell wall in your body! They also help with the functionality of your body’s major organs, ensuring that everything is working the way it’s supposed to. Your body needs a steady supply of omega 3-fatty acids to function properly, and branzino can be a fantastic source of them.

It Has Vitamin A Too!

Vitamin D isn’t the only vitamin that branzino is rich in! It also has a healthy dose of vitamin A. Amongst other things, vitamin A is important for aiding your vision, preventing breakouts of acne, and keeping your bones strong and healthy. In fact, a vitamin A deficiency has been linked to poor bone health! While branzino isn’t a primary source of vitamin A, it still contains enough of it to make its benefits known.

Branzino at Mare Oyster Bar

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