Fun Facts About Swordfish

Over the years, swordfish has become a popular delicacy amongst consumers of seafood. Like all foods, there are a lot of interesting facts about swordfish that the average person might not know. Hidden within this delicacy is a lot of information in regards to its benefits and nutritional components. Read on to learn more about this seafood delicacy!

Swordfish Have A Lot of Nutritional Value

Swordfish isn’t just popular because of it’s great taste; it’s actually a lot more nutritional than you might think! Swordfish has small components of magnesium and potassium, which help with proper muscle movement and maintaining your body’s natural fluids. In terms of nutritional value, swordfish is best known for its high amounts of vitamin D and selenium. Vitamin D is a key component of maintaining your bone health.

Cooked swordfish contains all of the recommended daily value of selenium. It’s important for several bodily functions, including bone health, health health, fertility, and immunity among other things. Although you may have never heard of selenium before, it’s an incredibly important nutrient! Swordfish is an example of a great food to eat if you want to maintain your selenium levels.

Swordfish Have High Sustainability Rates

It’s not a secret that overfishing can be devastating to the natural ecosystem of our oceans. This is another positive benefit that swordfish carry; they actually have a pretty high sustainability rate! 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is responsible for helping to maintain this ecosystem. According to them, swordfish is one of the most sustainable seafood options in the ocean. This means that swordfish can be caught in ways that take the long term health of the ocean’s ecosystems into account. When you eat swordfish versus other seafood options, you’re actually doing that environment a favor!

You Can Cook It A Variety of Ways

Swordfish isn’t just a great seafood dish for its nutritional value; it’s also incredibly versatile! There are plenty of ways to cook it if you’re bored with just one. You can make fillets with them, pansear them, marinate them, grill them and even fry them! There are plenty of ways that you can enjoy your swordfish, but it’s up to you to decide which one you like best.

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