Fun Facts About Seafood

For us seafood lovers, fish hold a special place in our hearts. Frequently our knowledge of seafood and different types of fish stop at which ones taste the best in our mouths. The real story is, there’s plenty of fun facts about seafood that people aren’t aware of. Let’s discuss some of the best fun facts about seafood for you to share with friends and family next time you’re at Mare Oyster Bar.

The Freshness Of Fish

Do you buy fish from the grocery store often? Well, if you are questioning how fresh your seafood is, there’s an easy trick. Get a pot of cold water and place the fish in the water. If it floats, it has been caught recently and deemed fresh; if it sinks, then its density has been compromised and isn’t as fresh as you’d like it to be. This is extremely important because plenty of vendors advertise their fish’s freshness, only for it to be a lie. Now, you’ll be able to spot freshness quickly. 

Mahi Mahi Used To Be Called Something Else

Believe it or not, Mahi Mahi used to be known as the Dolphin Fish. This is because they frequently swam alongside fishing boats, similar to how dolphins do. Mahi Mahi means “Very Strong” in Hawaiian. The Mahi Mahi also changes color depending on if it’s in water or not, making it a unique fish in its way. 

Ahi Tuna Can Weigh Close To 400 Pounds

Also known as yellowfin, it can be enormous. Like, really big. These fish are found in the Hawaiian Islands, Maldives, and the Caribbean and are gigantic. Unfortunately for these fish, their lifespan is relatively short (7 years average.) 

Fish Is Great For The Brain

Fish have omega-3 fatty acids, which are incredible for brainpower. Sardines, Alaskan Salmon, and trout boost cognitive function and memory. Next time you have a big test, interview, or are hopping in jeopardy. You know what to eat. 

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