Finding Fresh Seafood During The Winter Months

It’s no secret that fresh seafood is much more desirable than the alternative. Finding fresh seafood, however, is a completely different story! The best ways of finding fresh seafood change with the seasons, and winter certainly isn’t an exception to this. You may think that winter is the time where most seafood won’t be that fresh, but there are actually plenty of ways to find it during these months! So, how can you find fresh seafood during the winter? We give you some helpful tips below!

Check What’s In-Season

Depending on what month you go to get seafood, there will be different items that are in-season. This is similar to fruits and vegetables; if you can find them when they’re in-season, they’ll taste a whole lot better! Before you start searching, do a little bit of background research into what seafoods are the most in-season. During the winter months, you’ll find that seafoods like oysters, mussels, shrimp, and other kinds of shellfish are at their tastiest. Seek out those first; you’ll be more likely to find success this way!

Do A Smell Test

Let’s say you’re looking for a type of seafood that isn’t currently in-season. There are still ways to check for their freshness! If you’re buying your seafood from a supermarket, a good rule of thumb to go buy is a smell test. Fish should never smell fishy or stinky – that’s a top sign of it not being fresh! Instead, it should smell like the sea from which it came from. If you can find fish like that, it has the best chance of being fresh.

When Will You Cook It?

When determining the freshness of seafood, the time when you bought it versus the time you’re going to eat it play big roles. In general, you should try to eat your seafood within a few days of buying it to ensure that it’s at its freshest. This is because of a thing called perishability; in general, seafoods are low in this trait. Ask yourself when you’re going to cook your seafood before you buy to ensure that it stays fresh!

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