Comparing Saltwater and Freshwater Seafood

The world of seafood doesn’t just consist of fish found in the ocean! Years of experimenting with dishes and ways of cooking seafood have given way to both saltwater and freshwater fish dishes. As you may have expected, seafood from different bodies of water tend to have some significant differences when compared to their counterparts. If you’re trying to find the seafood dish that best fits your palette, it’s good to know the differences between saltwater and freshwater seafood. We’ll explain the most noteworthy examples of this below!

Preparation Methods

If you’re looking to prepare a seafood dish from scratch, you should know that assembling a good saltwater dish is far different than the preparation of a freshwater dish! The main difference here has to do with a fish’s bone structure, which varies from water body to water body. Fish that live in ocean water tend to have less complex bone structures, making them easier to debone and prepare accordingly. Freshwater fish have smaller and more intricate bone structures, so you’ll need to take your time with them to ensure that all of the little bits are removed properly.

Nutritional Value

Despite freshwater and saltwater fish having starkly different bone structures, they have a nutritional value that is roughly the same across bodies of water. Numerous studies of different types of seafood have shown that they pack a ton of health benefits depending on what you consume. You’ll get more daily vitamins and minerals from them, which can improve your quality of life if consumed semi-regularly! The only real difference between saltwater and freshwater fish in this category is that saltwater fish have a higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids. Since these are so beneficial for you, nutritionists recommend these over freshwater fish.


It should go without saying that the flavor of saltwater and freshwater fish is noticeably different! Since freshwater fish don’t come into contact with salt, they obtain less of the briny taste that you would expect from saltwater seafood. Therefore, they have a milder flavor profile than their oceanic counterparts – which could be preferable if you aren’t a fan of salty-tasting seafood! Those who love the flavors of the ocean will get more enjoyment out of eating saltwater fish, but this is entirely up to personal preference.

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