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A close up of two affogato desserts in shot glasses on a plate

What Is Affogato?

If there’s one thing that Italian cuisine as a whole is known for, it’s exceptional attention to detail! In a traditional Italian meal, every course

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What Is Demi-Glace?

Demi-glace is a highly flavored sauce that’s derived from French cuisine. The French word “glace” describes a sauce as an icing or glaze. Thus, a

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A top down view of several varieties of pasta

What Is Nerano Pasta?

If there’s one type of food that is synonymous with Italian cuisine, it’s pasta. As there are a wide variety of different types of Italian

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What Is Bufala?

If you’re looking for a country whose cuisine is as rich as their culture, look no further than the boot-shaped country in Europe! There’s a

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All About Crudo

When it comes to Italian cooking terms, there are far more than meets the eye! There are terms to describe the kind of establishment you’re

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