Bisque 101

For Seafood lovers, bisque is a trendy appetizer. Many people who are just starting to get into seafood know different types of fish, but not recipes to give variety to their pallet. This blog is dedicated to bisque, an underrated silky soup that changed how we can eat seafood and provides us with an appetizer worth buying every time. 

To Bisque Or Not To Bisque?

Bisque is a soup that’s cooked with seafood. It can be crab, lobster, shrimp, or crawfish. As long as there’s seafood in it and thick and creamy, it is most likely a bisque. People often love the texture of bisque. The surface comes from the rice starch that it is cooked with. Once the rice is drained, it leaves a thick liquid that’s bursting with whatever seafood flavors your chef has decided to cook with. 

Two of the most famous types of bisque are Clam Chowder and Lobster Bisque. Both are unique and taste different, but when coupled with the rest of a seafood entree, it creates an experience that’s hard to recreate. 

Thank You, France

Historians believe that bisque was created in France. A fisherman first used it to make a soup that packed the most flavor, thus creating bisque. Eventually, the food became high style when people realized cooking lobster (the king of the sea) made a bisque so tasty that royalty was even searching for it. Royalty started to add butter, celery, onions, and other flavors to their new favorite soup, and it exploded. Eventually, immigrants brought bisque soup over to the United States, where it also increased in popularity.

Comfort Bisque

Bisque is without a doubt a comfort food. Its rich, creamy texture is filled with hot seafood flavor and is hot enough to warm you up. If you are expanding your pallet’s horizons and trying new foods, this is an appetizer that should be on your shortlist. 

Lobster Bisque At Mare Oyster Bar

If this blog has done one thing, it has hopefully made you crave a cup or bowl of our delicious lobster bisque. Our seafood bisque is the best in the North End and filled with hot, creamy lobster. So next time you’re in the area, book a reservation with friends or family at Mare Oyster Bar. You’ll experience seafood and comfort paired with excellent service. Oh, did we mention we have fire pits? See you at Mare.