Best Wine Pairings – Seafood Edition

When it comes to wine and seafood, there are numerous pairings that work lovely together. It can be a bit difficult to sort through all of your options, though, and why risk choosing a less than stellar combo if you don’t have to. So, for that reason alone, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best seafood and wine options out there. Check them out below!


Meaty, Hearty Fish


If you’re working with tuna, for example, Pinot Noir is an excellent option. It mimics the umami effect of the tuna and has enough acidity to cut through the fat. Slightly chilled Gamay will also do the trick. If you’re more into whites, you can always opt for a dry Riesling.


Flaky White Fish


A few examples of this type would be a fluke, halibut, or anything you’d serve up as crudo. The good thing about these types of fish is that they tend to taste like whatever they’re served with. Fortunately for you, this opens up your options significantly. In cases like this, as opposed to suggesting wines for you, we say to choose your favorite wine and enjoy your dinner! You can always ask one of our servers for some delicious recommendations too.


Oily Fish


This type of fish includes lake trout and striper. Champagne can be a perfect pairing with an oily, heavy fish because the bubbles give you a nice lift. Another option available to you is to ask where the fish is from and pair from there. A phenomenal choice for oily fish that’s briny is Assyrtiko, which is a fruity option. It also has good texture and weight that pairs well with fishy fish.


These are just a few of our wine pairing suggestions. The next time you dine with us at Mare Oyster Bar, try one of them out. The pairing options are vast, so stop limiting yourself and explore! We look forward to serving you.