Best Types of Seafood to Eat This Summer

Nothing hits the spot in the summer more than a great seafood meal. With warmer weather, the season brings a lot more craving for fish and other tasty catches. Eating seafood holds a ton of benefits to it, and there are a lot of things to love about it other than just the taste. With summer here and seafood at the top of everyone’s menu, here are the best types of seafood to eat in the summer in terms of health benefits, flavor, and seasonal availability.

Wild Salmon

Wild salmon is a favorite of people all over the United States, but if you live on the West Coast, you’re in luck. Alaskan salmon hits its prime season during the late spring and summer. Salmon is loved by many for its not-so fishy flavor and versatile cooking methods that you can utilize on it. Throw it on the grill, or bake it for a great, light meal this summer and bring it along to the beach or on a picnic for something that tastes great but doesn’t leave you bloated.

Yellowtail Snapper

East coast residents of the United States might not be near Alaskan salmon, but yellowtail snapper is bountiful in the Atlantic. It’s one of the lightest, flakiest fish around, and when you pair it with a veggie or some white wine, there are few meals that feel more like summertime and sunshine. The great thing about yellowtail snapper is that it runs in the season for nearly half the year, spanning from spring to summer.

Striped Bass

Craving some fish tacos? Striped bass is the best way to get some Mexican recipes to incorporate seafood. Native to the Atlantic coast, it’s now also swimming in the Pacific, and is available to both costs all year long. In the summer, its mind flavor is at its best, and that’s perfect for the summer.

Fresh Tilapia

Tilapia is another popular fish among mild seafood fans. There’s a strong code with tilapia to responsibly farm it, so the best of the best is always ready to go. It’s such a versatile fish, you can throw it on anything or with anything, and have it be a complete hit at a family cookout or dinner at home.

Mahi Mahi

The most tropical, summer-ish fish is always going to be Mahi Mahi. It’s tender and prone to overcooking, but when done right, you can’t beat it during the summer months.

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