Best Oyster Dishes To Make At Home

When it comes to seafood, there’s no better option for an appetizer than some oysters! Oysters are great because they can work well as both an appetizer and a full course meal. If you’re an oyster connoisseur, you probably know that there are plenty of ways to cook oysters. But, did you know that there are plenty of delicious dishes that use oysters as a centerpiece? There’s more to it than you’d think. We’ve assembled some of our favorite recipes for oyster dishes that you can make at home!

Seafood Gumbo With Oysters

What better thing to pair well with oysters than more delicious seafood? This recipe is a shellfish lover’s delight. It pairs oysters with shrimp, crab, and other shellfish with roux sauce for a seafood buffet that you won’t soon forget. As long as you have all of the ingredients, this dish is surprisingly not too lengthy to prepare! You’ll need to set about an hour aside, but the result will be well worth your effort. 

The B.O.L.T.

If you’re a little confused about the name of this dish, think a little more. That’s right; it’s actually a BLT with oysters added! The new acronym now stands for Bacon, Oysters, Lettuce, and Tomato. Because this recipe is a sandwich, you’ll need to fry the oysters to get the desired taste. It’s a perfect way to have oysters on the go!

Oyster-Bacon Pot Pie

We bet that you’ve never considered using oysters for a desert item before! They actually complement a pot pie well. This recipe combines oysters and bacon with the traditional ingredients of a pot pie to add a new spin on a classic dessert dish. You can even make miniature pot pies to serve at parties!

Classic Oyster Stew

It wouldn’t be a top tier oyster recipe list without an old favorite: oyster stew! Oyster stew combines shucked oysters with Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and various herbs and spices together. The final result is a nice, warm meal that’s perfect to enjoy inside on a cold day. As the weather gets colder, it might give you some incentive to give this recipe a try!

Seafood at Mare Oyster Bar

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