Best Lobster Dishes to Make At Home

Enjoying a nice lobster at a seafood restaurant during a night out is an experience that can’t be beat. After all, what other foods do you eat like lobster? One of the best things about lobster is that it isn’t just good to eat by itself. There are a ton of dishes that use lobster that are not just delicious; they are also great to make at home! We’ve assembled some of the best lobster recipes for you to try yourself.

Lobster Mac and Cheese

There’s a lot of food that goes well with mac and cheese – it’s a pretty flexible dish! But, we’re willing to bet that you didn’t know lobster was one of them. Lobster mac and cheese is one of the simplest dishes you can make using lobster meat as a core ingredient, and the taste alone is enough to ensure you’ll make it again and again. Click here to get the full recipe!

Lobster Salad With Mint And Lime

Lobster is a great dish, but not one of the best ones for people looking to lose weight. What if we told you that you could enjoy lobster in a much healthier way? With lobster salad, you absolutely can! This dish combines lobster with a variety of mixed greens to ensure that you have a balanced palette for your meal. Mix and match with your favorite green vegetables to add some personality to your recipe!

Lobster Nachos

If you’re looking to get really experimental with the dishes you use lobster in, have we got some good news for you!  This recipe is the perfect snack to make during the long summer nights. You can even use it as an appetizer during a social gathering! You’ll need a decent amount of ingredients to make this, but we promise you that the outcome will be well worth it.

Lobster Delight Dip

You’ve seen lobster chips. Now, get ready for their dip counterpart! This dip utilizes Lobster Delight from Louis Kemp, and is a simple, budget-friendly way to add a bit of flavor to your chips. Lobster Delight Dip is as simple to make as any other dip, and is sure to wow over a crowd if you serve it at your next gathering!

Enjoy Fresh Lobster At Mare Oyster Bar

Sometimes, the best lobsters aren’t the ones you make yourself. At Mare Oyster Bar, you’ll find the freshest lobster in all of Boston’s North End! It’s a well-known secret that the fresher your lobster is, the better it will taste, and ours are no exception. We even have some lobster-infused recipes of our own! Whether you want to enjoy fresh lobster or any of our other fantastic options, Mare Oyster Bar is the place to go. To experience it for yourself, make a reservation with us today.