Are Scallops Good for You?

Scallops are a type of seafood that comes from the inside of an adductor muscle with a colorful shell. Inside the shell lies a type of seafood with a buttery texture and slightly sweet taste that you’re sure to love. There’s one big question left though – are scallops good for you? Yes, in fact, they’re great for you for many reasons! 

High in Protein, Low in Fat

Scallops, like most other seafood, is a very lean source of protein. That means that the fat content is low, making this a healthy protein source. You can also enjoy scallops without worrying about the affect on your weight since each 3-ounce servicing is only 94 calories! Rather you’re on a diet and looking to build muscle or just trying to make healthy choices, scallops are a safe bet. 

Brain Benefits

Scallops are rich in many vitamins and minerals that your body needs to survive. Vitamin B12 and zinc both play a vital roll in maintaining a healthy memory as you age and scallops of rich in both! If you enjoy a healthy dose of those vitamins regularly, you’ll actually be lowering your risk for Alzheimer’s and various mood disorders. Omega 3 fatty acids are also a great way to help boost brain function and nervous system performance. Seafood is a type of food that sees these omega 3 fatty acids in a very high amount, so every serving is benefiting you more than you realize!

Reduced Heart Disease Risk 

Magnesium and potassium are two minerals that our bodies can’t produce naturally so it’s dependent on outside sources found in our daily diet. Both of these minerals’ aide in lowering blood pressure, reducing a person’s risk for heart disease and heart attack. Scallops are loaded with 17% of your daily serving for each of these minerals per serving. 

Scallops are a type of shellfish and shellfish allergies are common. If you have a known shellfish allergy, it’s best to avoid scallops even though they fall into a different family of shellfish than crab or lobster. 

Scallops are a very common type of seafood so if you haven’t tried them yet, now’s the time! Visit Mare Oyster Bar in the North End to get the professional experience or be more adventurous and try to prepare the dish at home. The texture of scallops should be buttery and smooth if cooked properly. Expand your world of seafood next time you’re looking for dinner ideas!