All About The Seafood Cocktails

If you’re as big of a fan of seafood as we are, you’ll know that it works well for any part of the meal! Whether it be a full blown meal, a snack, or an appetizer of what’s to come, seafood is a lovely addition to any meal. Speaking of appetizers, you’ve likely heard of the fan favorite amongst them before: shrimp cocktail! However, if you’ve looked on our menu before, you’ll notice that it’s not the only one we serve. We also have lobster cocktail and crab cocktail available for your pleasure! We explain what each of these entails below!

Lobster Cocktail

Have you heard of lobster cocktails before? We’re willing to bet that it sounds familiar to some people, as it’s the overshadowed brother of shrimp cocktail. The obvious difference between the two cocktails is the type of seafood used, but what about everything that goes into the recipe? Lobster cocktails are made with lobsters, mayonnaise, butter, and an assortment of greens and spices. Instead of being served in a traditional cocktail glass (although this is an option too), some versions of this dish choose to serve it on slices of bread. It’s a fancier lobster roll!

Crab Cocktail

Crab cocktail is by far the least noteworthy out of the three, but that doesn’t detract from how tasty it is! Unlike lobster cocktails, the recipe for crab cocktail is remarkably similar to shrimp cocktail. Most of the same sauces are utilized in this recipe, but crab cocktail has slightly more versatility in that it can be used in salads as well. In that variation of the recipe, things like cabbage, spinach, and bell peppers are used to complement the delicious flavor of crab.

Shrimp Cocktail

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to many that shrimp cocktail is the most popular out of these three. Popular belief dictates that shrimp cocktail is raw, but this actually isn’t the case. All of the prawns are cooked, but the only difference between them and regular shrimp is that the cocktail is served cold. It only makes sense that the Worcestershire sauce and cocktail sauce are served cold as well! This cocktail is always served within a cocktail glass and garnished with things like lettuce and cayenne pepper.

Seafood Cocktails at Mare Oyster Bar

If you’re looking for the home of all things seafood in Boston’s North End, look no further than Mare Oyster Bar! We specialize in a vast array of seafood cuisines, Italian recipes, and even our very own raw oyster bar! Our seafood is among the freshest in New England with options to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. If you’re feeling in the mood for seafood, make a reservation with us today!