All About Pinzimonio

Do you ever feel like the main meal isn’t going to be enough to satisfy your palette? Adding an appetizer to the mix is a surefire way of getting you over the hump! The list of Italian appetizers is ever expanding, and a few recipes stand out from the rest in terms of notoriety, history and popularity. One such appetizer is a dish you probably aren’t all that familiar with: pinzimonio! It’s more popular than you might realize. We break down everything you need to know about pinzimonio below!

The Dish Itself

Pinzimonio isn’t a traditional appetizer like others in its class. It may hail from the great country of Italy and contain ingredients from that country, but it’s rather unique from its counterparts. That’s because pinzimonio isn’t a meal at all; rather, it’s a specific type of dipping sauce that can be used for a variety of different foods. The sauce’s makeup consists of three ingredients: olive oil, salt and pepper. Vinegar is an optional addition that can add a kick to the dish, so you can always add it if you’re looking for a richer flavor palette!

What Is It Used With?

For as simple as the pinzimonio recipe is, there are a ton of different foods that get paired with it on a traditional menu. The most popular food to use with pinzimonio is carrots, but this is far from the only option at your disposal. Celery, fennel, peppers and other seasonal vegetables are all popular choices to use for the dish. It gets even more specific as well; each vegetable has to be cut into similar proportions to create a sort of harmony with your appetizer. If you aren’t feeling vegetables, you can also try this out with bread.


Some chefs found the simpleness of the ingredients to be boring, which led to the rise of a list of variations that spice up the sauce’s creation. Each one adds a distinct flavor that almost completely changes the makeup of the sauce, but much of this is because the sauce is basic to begin with. You’d expect things like cheese to be added – and you would be right about that! – but other variations include beetroots, avocados, lemon juice, or anchovies. There are plenty of others, so it can pay to be adventurous with your recipe!

Pinzimonio at Mare Oyster Bar

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