All About Monkfish

When you think of the tastiest seafood dishes out there, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? If you’re from the New England area, you’ll likely be inclined to say lobster. They are some of the tastiest seafood out there, but did you know there’s another meal that’s comparable to it – that isn’t even a crustacean? Allow us to introduce you to monkfish, a seafood item that you’ll find on our menu here! But, what exactly is a monkfish, and what makes it so special to seafood cuisine? We answer your burning questions below!

The Monkfish Species

Monkfish are a very peculiar fish! They are typically ocean bottom dwellers and will eat practically anything that crosses their path. These both sound like relatively normal fish facts, so what exactly makes monkfish an outlier? Not only do they have the appearance of a “sea monster”, but the way they move around adds a lot of significance to that nickname. They don’t swim; instead, they use their fins to walk along the ocean floor and search it for potential prey! It’s a really creepy fish to think about, but the taste is what makes this seafood worth it.

The Poor Man’s Lobster

We’ve previously mentioned that the monkfish is comparable to your average lobster, and its nickname reflects that: the poor man’s lobster! This fish is full of flavor when it’s properly cooked, boasting a similar texture and flavor profile to the meat you’d find in a lobster. The only downside to the monkfish is that only the tail is considered edible. The only other part of a monkfish that you can realistically eat is the cheek meat, which is often sold as a high delicacy and cooked in very specific ways.

Ways To Cook Monkfish

Despite only certain parts of the fish being edible, monkfish are incredibly versatile in the ways they can be cooked. You’ll get a lot of flavor out of them if you choose to filet them, but they actually taste great in a variety of other cooking methods as well! You can fry them, filet them, roast them, and even sautee them to bring the most out of the flavor they provide. They even go well in dishes that have a lot of seafood already in them!

Zuppa di Mare At Mare Oyster Bar

If you want to try out some monkfish for yourself, Mare Oyster Bar has just the dish for you! The Zuppa di Mare dish offers monkfish as a part of the various other seafoods included in the meal. The rest of our menu is home to a combination of seafood delicacies and Italian delights that will satisfy anyone’s taste palette. To experience the poor man’s lobster for yourself, click here to make a reservation with us!