All About Crudo

When it comes to Italian cooking terms, there are far more than meets the eye! There are terms to describe the kind of establishment you’re eating at, terms to describe certain foods, and even terms to describe different sauces! But, did you know that there are also terms for the way that foods are cooked? If you’ve visited our website before, you’ve probably seen “crudo” printed underneath our logo. But, what exactly is it? We answer this and more of your questions about crudo below!

What is Crudo?

Simply put, crudo is the Italian word for describing foods that are served raw. In Italian, crudo quite literally means “raw”, which is why the term was adopted so quickly in their cooking. Foods that are served crudo usually are types of meat and shellfish. They aren’t served exactly as is, either; crudo foods are often dressed with seasonings like olive oil and vinaigrette. There aren’t any other distinctions here – as long as they are served raw with seasoning, it’s considered to be crudo.

Is Crudo Healthy?

So, is crudo a healthy option? That isn’t a question that is easily answered. There are some health benefits to crudo food, specifically fish, when compared with its cooked counterparts. For example, cooking fish may deplete the omega-3 fatty acid content. Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to your body and mind’s health, helping to improve things like eyesight and preventing heart disease. There should be some caution exercised when you eat raw food, but when it’s prepared in a professional setting, these considerations are thoroughly accounted for.

Best Crudo Foods

Even though crudo only refers to foods being cooked raw, there are some crudo options that have risen to prominence more than others have. In general, most Italian crudo options that you’ll find are likely going to be fish. For the reasons that we’ve mentioned above, fish is the safest option by far when it comes to eating food raw. You’ll often find several types of fish served together and dressed with the appropriate seasonings. If you can find crudo fish, that will be your best option!

Crudo at Mare Oyster Bar

It wouldn’t be plastered across our menu screen if we didn’t serve it ourselves! At Mare Oyster Bar, you’ll find plenty of delicious crudo options, highlighted by our Trio of Crudos in our appetizer section. To see what the hype around crudo is all about, make a reservation with us and try it for yourself!