2021 Best Seafood Restaurants in Boston, Massachusetts

Mare Oyster Bar is exhilarated to announce that venerable Gayot.com has selected us as a Top 10 Seafood Restaurants member in Boston, Massachusetts. This honor hits home for all the staff at Mare Oyster Bar due to the continued support during Covid-19. This award would not have been possible without our excellent staff and customers. 

Our Building

Mare Oyster Bar continues to satisfy Boston residents with a unique, city-like ambiance. We have an outdoor lounge of fire pits and seating. Mare Oyster Bar also features slick, white marble tables and LED lights that light up the building uniquely. Mare Oyster Bar is located on 3 Mechanic Street, in Boston’s beautiful North End. We believe in creating a full experience for our customers. This includes more than the food and the service. We want the ambiance of your dining to be picture-perfect. It’s our way of saying “thank you,” and we want our building to express “Come again soon!” every time you leave. 

The Service 

Service is something that Mare Oyster Bar takes seriously. We always pride ourselves that customer service is an essential part of your experience here in the North End. Customer service is not manageable without the entire staff being on the same page, and we always make sure of that. We appreciate you and also are always craving to hear your feedback. Your feedback is how we consistently grow and improve as a restaurant, and it’s the crux of a successful business in general. Part of our service includes social media. Our Facebook page is frequently updated with content and can help you answer questions about our restaurant whenever you need it. 

The Food 

The part you’ve been waiting for, and 99% of the reasons you come out to a restaurant! We obviously would not have made Gayot.com as a Top 10 Seafood Restaurant in Boston if our food didn’t back us up. Gayot.com was able to directly mention within their article our; Alaskan King Crab, Spicy Italian Style Mussels, Grilled Stuffed Calamari, Wild Boar Pappardelle, Risotto Di Mare, and last but not least, our Tiramisu paired with our delicious Espresso Martini. Of course, at Mare Oyster Bar, all of our food is delicious, and there are plenty of other items on the menu that will have you drooling in no time.  We believe that the happiness that all of us seek on this journey can start with something as simple as a great meal. Doing small things in a significant way is our specialty.

Thank You.

Although our journey is far from over, and there’s still so much room for growth, we cannot thank our staff and our customers enough for putting us in a position to succeed. Together we can create happiness through memories at our restaurant here in the North End. Mare Oyster Bar wants to be with you in the past, present, and future. You’re the vehicle, and we’re just along for the ride.